PROINERT™ is a clean agent fire extinguishing system using inert gas (IG55, IG541, IG100 or IG01) and is used in total flooding systems. 
PROINERT™ has become widely accepted as the best performing, most cost effective, and environmentally friendly inert gaseous suppression system, offering extended hold times and great flexibility in design.
PROINERT™ is an ideal choice for a wide variety of industries and applications, suitable for facilities such as computer rooms / data centres, telecommunications facilities, and the like. PROINERT™ is unique in that it utilises a pressure regulating discharge valve which produces lower discharge pressures which also translates into lower costs all around, resulting in savings with pipe work, venting area and cylinder storage.


  • Active Fire Listing, FM and UL Approved
  • Safe for use in occupied areas
  • Zero global warming potential
  • Zero ozone depleting potential
  • Superior design allows for convenient long pipe runs
  • Minimises down time of vital system operations
  • Leaves no residue, is non-conductive and does not require costly clean-up
  • Extinguishing a fire quickly and effectively
  • Utilises 300 bar storage presssure
  • Discharges in 60 seconds or less