IG55 Argon/Nitrogen 50/50 – Inert Gas Fire Suppression

Naturally occurring Gases often used as blends, these blends are used to reduce oxygen to below 15% and above 12%. Oxygen levels below 15% will not allow a fire to burn as the oxygen is simply not there to fuel the fire. Levels of Oxygen between 12% and 15% are adequate to sustain human life. Oxygen levels between 12% and 10% will show visible signs of effects asphyxiation Oxygen levels below 10% are extremely dangerous.

This type of fire suppression is considered a green option and does have many advantages used in the right application.

Inert Gas Fire Suppression systems are commonly found with the following blends and names:

IG55 Fire Suppression

This is a blend of 50% Argon & 50% Blend of Nitrogen. The fire suppression gas is blended to offer better buoyancy for the fire suppression agent keeping the fire suppression gas at higher levels in the protected enclosure for longer!

Suitable environments

  • DATA Centres
  • Comms Rooms
  • Telecommunication facilities
  • UPS Rooms
  • Medical facilities

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